Outline of Charles Darwin's Life, etc.

CHAPTER 1.I.--An Autobiographical Fragment, and Early Letters, 1809-1842.

CHAPTER 1.II.--Evolution, 1844-1858.

CHAPTER 1.III.--Evolution, 1859-1863.

CHAPTER 1.IV.--Evolution, 1864-1869.

CHAPTER 1.V.--Evolution, 1870-1882.

CHAPTER 1.VI.--Geographical Distribution, 1843-1867.


CHARLES AND CATHERINE DARWIN, 1816. From a coloured chalk drawing by Sharples, in possession of Miss Wedgwood, of Leith Hill Place.

MRS. DARWIN, 1881. From a photograph by Barraud.

EDWARD FORBES, 1844 (?). From a photograph by Hill & Adamson.

THOMAS HENRY HUXLEY, 1857. From a photograph by Maull & Fox. (Huxley's "Life," Volume I.)

PROFESSOR HENSLOW. From a photograph.

HUGH FALCONER, 1844. From a photograph by Hill & Adamson.

JOSEPH DALTON HOOKER, 1870 (?). From a photograph by Wallich.

ASA GRAY, 1867. From a photograph. ("Letters of Asa Gray," Volume I.)


CHAPTER 2.VII.--Geographical Distribution, 1867-1882.

CHAPTER 2.VIII.--Man, 1860-1882. 2.VIII.I. Descent of Man, 1860-1882. 2.VIII.II. Sexual Selection, 1866-1872. 2.VIII.III. Expression, 1868-1874.

CHAPTER 2.IX.--Geology, 1840-1882. 2.IX.I. Vulcanicity and Earth-movements, 1840-1881. 2.IX.II. Ice-action, 1841-1882. 2.IX.III. The Parallel Roads of Glen Roy, 1841-1880. 2.IX.IV. Coral Reefs, Fossil and Recent, 1841-1881. 2.IX.V. Cleavage and Foliation, 1846-1856. 2.IX.VI. Age of the World, 1868-1877. 2.IX.VII. Geological Action of Earth-worms, 1880-1882. 2.IX.VIII. Miscellaneous, 1846-1878.

CHAPTER 2.X.--Botany, 1843-1871. 2.X.I. Miscellaneous, 1843-1862. 2.X.II. Melastomaceae, 1862-1881. 2.X.III. Correspondence with John Scott, 1862-1871.

CHAPTER 2.XI.--Botany, 1863-1881. 2.XI.I. Miscellaneous, 1863-1866. 2.XI.II. Correspondence with Fritz Muller, 1865-1881. 2.XI.III. Miscellaneous, 1868-1881.

CHAPTER 2.XII.--Vivisection and Miscellaneous Subjects, 1867-1882. 2.XII.I. Vivisection, 1875-1882. 2.XII.II. Miscellaneous Subjects, 1867-1882.


CHARLES DARWIN, 1881. From a photograph by Elliott & Fry.

ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE, 1878. From a photograph by Maull & Fox.

GEORGE J. ROMANES, 1891. From a photograph by Elliott & Fry. (Romanes' "Life.")

CHARLES LYELL. From a photograph by Maull & Fox. (Lyell's "Life," Volume II.)

CHARLES DARWIN, 1854 (?). From a photograph by Maull & Fox.

FRITZ MULLER. From a photograph.


FIGURE 1. Hypothetical Section Illustrating Continental Elevation.

FIGURE 2. Diagram of Junction between Dike and Lava.

FIGURE 3. Outline of an Elliptic Crater.

FIGURE 4. Hypothetical Section showing the Relation of Dikes to Volcanic Vents.

FIGURE 5. Map illustrating the Linear Arrangement of Volcanic Islands in relation to Continental Coast-lines.

FIGURE 6. Sketch showing the Form and Distribution of Quartz in a Foliated Rock.

FIGURE 7. Sketch showing the Arrangement of Felspar and Quartz in a Metamorphic Series.

FIGURE 8. Floral Diagram of an Orchid.

FIGURE 9. Dissected Flower of Habenaria Chlorantha.

FIGURE 10. Diagram of a Cruciferous Flower.

FIGURE 11. Longitudinal Section of a Cruciferous Flower.

FIGURE 12. Transverse Section of the Ovary of a Crucifer.

FIGURE 13. (Contents/1. Not a facsimile.) Leaf of Trifolium resupinatum. (Drawn by Miss Pertz.)

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